then i became a ninja
chill, i got this
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  • today I witnessed a lot of good happen to others around me. a dear friend traveled half way across the world to meet a girl he’s been smitten by, another seeing a dream become a reality, and an ex tell me about how excited she is to know that she may have met the one… even though my circumstances have me far from love, a dream job, or city it made me extremely happy to see others have such great things happening to them that’s bringing them joy. Happy Friday

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  • i don’t think lacking confidence or being comfortable in my own a skin is something that people would say is characteristic of me.  but the truth is for a long time it was.  i just learned to be a good actor. so much so that i’m actually stating to believe that i am the person that my friends think that i am. that makes me happy and humbled that people have had so much faith in me as a person for so long…thanks for loving me.  thanks for being my friend.  thanks for you patience. thanks for seeing my soul.  i’m getting there, one day at a time.  thank you.

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  • i’d like to kiss you in paris…

  • being removed from everything and everyone that i loved has been one of the hardest things i’ve ever had to do. however, i think it will make me the best i’ve ever been.

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